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Our objective in this section is none other that the one we set in the Spanish section. We are a not for profit page. We do not seek or receive contributions. Our mission is to educate, comment and give perspective on the Cuban issue. We do this through original articles sent to us for publication and by continuing comments on the news and opinion as it develops. The comments on the various articles reflect our views and are meant to bring together the topics highlighted by the news or opinion items and to show the nature of the regime. There is no better editorial and educational comment than to refer to factual items as reported by credible sources. We may agree or disagree in full or in part in our comment.        

Scrolling you will find sections on: Human Rights, Economy, Society, Terrorism, Rule of Law, Reports by Independent Parties, U.S. Policy, Articles by Columnists.


What do we now see? The last stages of Cultural Marxism. By: Alberto Luzarraga


Want to Do Business in Cuba? Prepare to Partner With the General. Bloomberg News

Excellent piece. Misses just one point. Investor must hire and pay wages in dollars through a government company that pays workers in pesos at 10% of the dollar rate keeping 90%. All in flagrant violation of international labor conventions. The Castro brothers will not change this abuse as it would empower the population. Inevitably, any american company operating in such manner will be sued in the U.S.

The Two Faces of Francis' American Journey. Sandro Magister L'Espresso Italy

The Cuba Deal:How Raul Castro Duped Obama. Nestor Carbonell. Forbes Magazine.

Can Democracy Be Negotiated in Cuba? Jose Azel.

Testimony for the Subcommittee Hearing,

So How is That Cuba Deal Going? Mary A. O'Grady WSJ

This article and the previous one express a truism: Dictatorships do not negotiate liberty but their orderly demise. They do it when the ruling class concludes they better leave before things get worse. But this is not common, usually they hang on until they are thrown out. Not different in Cuba. The geriatric millionaire generals and their kin figure they rather die in Cuba than in exile where their ill gotten gains will be subject to scrutiny. In the meantime if they can get something for nothing out of Obama they will be happy to oblige.

Krauthamer on Cuba. Washington Post 1/1/15

Succint and accurate.


Who Benefits if the Embargo is Lifted? Mary A. O'Grady WSJ 12/21/2014


Cuba's Slave Trade in Doctors. Mary A. O'Grady WSJ 11/10/2014

Cuba's Rewards for the Dutiful. NY Times 2/12/2014

While we sleep: Russia Boosts Cuba Ties.

Cancelled 30 billion in debt. Uncollectable yes but cancelling it is evidence of new approach.

Back to operate their listening post at the town of Lourdes. Putin must think: The Chinese have one so why not us?

Meanwhile Castro ships weapons hidden on North Korean ship stopped at Panama canal. What is going on? Back to the 60s?


Raul Castro complains about lack of civility. NYT

After decades of erasing all bourgeois prejudices this is what you get.


Latin Leaders Fail Democracy.Mary A. O'Grady WSJ

While we sleep 33 countries select Raul Castro as president of a Hemspheric group comprising 33 countries which excludes  the U.S. and Canada. Contempt for U.S. policy and values is obvious but we don't seem to care that this huge market of 600 million people drifts away politically and economically with the chinese and others take an increasingly important role.


A Cuban's Prayer for Pope Benedict. Oscar Elias Biscet.

WSJ 3/21 2012

We do not know the outcome. Whatever it is we will follow up and display this document on a continuous basis. It must be a constant reminder of a call for justice.


Lamentably nothing happened vis a vis the peaceful catholic opposition groups in particular the ladies in white which requested and were denied and audience with Benedict. But Benedict was in our opinion maneuvered into receiving Castro and his sons and wife at the Nunciatura and posing with them for a photograph. This was an abuse of papal personality aided and abetted by the Vatican department of state. No wonder Benedict resigned in frustration with his inability to control a corrupt bureaucracy.



The Pope's Cuba Gamble. WSJ Mary A O'Grady

Politically speaking, given the situation in Cuba and the declining and deteriorating  nature of the regime  this is not a smart move by the Vatican. They may please a small minority but fan resentement into a large group. Of course we will be told that this is a pastoral visit and no political motives are attached to it. True from the part of Benedict. Not so true from the Vatican State Department and others in the church.



Biotechnological Development under the Castroite Tyranny.Humberto Corzo.

Hispanics Lead U.S. Population Growth. WSJ

One of the most baffling issues governing the U.S. policy towards castro has been the utter disregard of demographics. One would think that given the numbers mentioned by the article, eliminating a perennial source of disturbance and spreading of lies vis a vis the United States would be a priority. But no, we have spent 52 years ignoring it while the country changes radically. Definitely the collective I.Q. is in disrepair.


As the author notes, the military mafia is well fed. They control the only lucrative businesses in Cuba. Repression has been refined to an art. Castro extorts 4 billion a year from exiled Cubans for support of their families. Countless U.S. politicians visit Cuba and are feted by Castro personally and or by the regime. Castro has probably met more US politicians than nobody in history. and we grant 20,00 resident visas a year. Ergo says the ruling mafia: We own good businesses, there is a escape valve for the opposition provided by Uncle Sam. Life is good we control the internet more than anybody else. U.S. policy is to wait and contain. Enjoy in the meantime. Nobody in the state Department is asking Raul Castro to step down a la Mubarak. Yes Cuba is different!

Che Guevara; Condemnation in his own words. Humberto Corzo.

What Cubans cannot do under Raul Castro.

Website Accessible at http://ctp.iccas.miami.edu

Cuba, Russia a High Level Meeting in Washington's Backyard.

Back to October 1962? We don't think so but to contine to think that this hereditary dictatorship will change because we open American tourism is simple an uninformed or bad intetioned piece of thinking. By now we should be tired of thinking this way but they keep on offering the same tired old mantras. There are not that many fools, some know exactly where they are going and so do their handlers.

Our Stand Against Castro. Vaclac Havel and a number of personalities sign this document.

In Cuba a page from McCain's past. Washington Post.


Cyber Rebels in Cuba Defy State's Limits

What's next for Cuba?\

RAUL CASTRO AGAIN. Facts about the dictator's heir.

Anti-American Americans. Carlos A. Montaner. Excellent and succint facts about a state of mind.

For another dictator Fidel Castro; An estimate of his fortune. Forbes

Ana Belen Montes:Chronicle of a Master Spy. Manuel Cereijo

A complete recount including tapes, FBI operations, and criminal complaint. Chilling to see how easily Castro infiltrated the DIA at the highest levels and how long it lasted ( 16 years!!!)

More: Cuba spies sell to U.S. Foes Andrew Richards   Washington Times

"Christopher Simmons, a Cuban counterintelligence officer for the Defense Intelligence Agency, cited in a Heritage Foundation speech the case of Ana Montes, a former DIA analyst who pleaded guilty to 16 years of spying for Fidel Castro's dictatorship. "Based on my estimates, there could be at least six others like her involved in long-term penetrations of U.S. government at the highest level ," Mr. Simmons said. Agents for the Cuban regime "have had over 50 years to get this right. They understand America better than some Americans do ."

Fidel Castro has yet to face justice by BONNIE ANDERSONMs. Anderson, a journalist describes her personal experience. Excerpt:

"It is deeply wrenching to witness a week of lavish celebrations honoring
Fidel Castro's birth when most likely every day, somewhere in the world,
anguished families quietly mourn the death of a loved one at the hands
of this heartless, evil man. That Fidel, himself, may be dying is not
much comfort to me. I believe in justice and while he will be judged by
God when he dies, he has yet to be judged on Earth for his crimes
against humanity. My father, Howard F. Anderson, was only one of 20,000 people tortured and executed by Fidel Castro. Before my Dad's execution by firing squad, he had most of his blood drained from his body to be used for
transfusions for the revolutionary troops. O
ther political prisoners who
watched the execution from their cells told me years later that my
father refused a blindfold. And he whistled as the bullets tore into his
body. One of the few memories I have, since I was only 5 years old at
the time, was that my Dad whistled when he was angry. With the ''ready,
aim, fire'' order, I, too, was wounded forever more. This ruthless
dictator robbed me of a lifetime with my father, a lifetime of fatherly
advice, a lifetime of memories."

Letter to the Washington Post. From a Cuban American University of Indiana professor

The racist, anti-immigrant spirit of 19th century cartoonist Thomas
Nast lives on today in the pages of /The Washington Post/.
In your August 22 edition, you published a Pat Oliphant syndicated cartoon http://www.uclick.com/client/wpc/po/ of Cuban Americans being shoved back to their homeland in a crowded small boat by a grinning Uncle Sam, who refers to them as “nuisances.”

When Should the U.S. Change Policy Toward Cuba. Jaime Suchlicki

The point: If we are against military dictatorships in Latin America why should we help Raul Castro and his generals. A deep contradiction runs in the mind of many so called progressives that sound more and more like reactionaries when referring to Cuba.


Cubans risk raids to get satellite TV. Moore did not see this either nor can he appreciate the ingenuity and thirst for release from propaganda. Why should he? Its agaist his business model.

Sicko Presents a False View of Cuba's Health System. Source

National Review: The Myth of Cuban Health Care. Jay Nordlinger

Mr. Nordlinger describes what is common knowledge to anyone that cares to do a bit of unbiased research  like talking to one of hundreds of Cuban doctors that have defected or reading their testimony. But many want to believe propaganda because it fits their preconceived ideas. or satisfies their resentments. or worse their illusions. It is always amazing to see how easy it is to fool most of people almost all of the time. The Lives of Cubans A .Mary A. O'Grady April 2 WSJ. What Cubans Can Not Do. A partial but revealing list.

Cuban Physician Prisoner of Conscience: Confined with mental cases: Another thing that Moore 'did not see' while making his film in Cuba.

Book: Castro Gave POW ransom plan to Vietnam. Hard facts ignored by some shameless U.S. congressmen and Senators that cuddle up to Castro

More Cuban Spies Lurking In U.S. Kenneth Timmerman NewsMax.

One current example of the conceptual influence mentioned in the article and the muddled thinking of our political class. Senator Dodd's aide is mentioned in relation to Cuba and Colombia. Today May 20th at Meet the Press  he justified the snubbing of Colombia's president Uribe. Nothing has changed. His aide still calls the shots and blindness reigns as to the evil that Castro does but no criticism is spared of any of his foes.

Federal Judge Releases Cuban 'Terrorist' Humberto Fontova. A case study of how propaganda and lies almost damned a man declared innocent.

Onward Christian Cubans By MARY ANASTASIA O' GRADY.

The myth of Cuban health care By Fred Thompson  May 3d TownHall.com

The Bay of Pigs Humberto Fontova. A summary of what went on that gives the lie to the likes of Michael Moore who lives a life of leisure and whim, and engages in garrulous  propaganda never based on the truth. That, would require study and open mind.

What Cubans Can Not Do. A partial but revealing list.

The Lives of Cubans A .Mary A. O'Grady April 2 WSJ.

Chilling description inspired by the acclaimed film 'The Lives of Others', that the details he horrors of the STASI in East Germany, mentors and teachers of the castroites. Special emphasis is placedon the sinking of a tugboat that tried to escape and was sunk with 68 people on board including fifteen children after being rammed and attacked with water cannon. The DIA official mentioned in the following article was asked at a recent press conference: why the indifference of your colleagues to the Castroite danger, is it because as we have heard : "Cuba is a small country" ? Answer: Exactly, I have heard that countless times. In the days of asymmetric warfare this is not only clumsy and a glaring example one track mindedness it is also dangerous.

Links to detailed narrations of massacres:


The Canimar River Massacre of July 6, 1980

DIA official warns about Cuban spies. Bill Gertz Wahington Times. The bells keep on ringing but few pay attention.


Castro's Gulag. WSJ March 5/ 07 By Armando Valladares.

The treatment of the Cuban people by the self appointed intellectual elite of the American left has been shameful. A scant 90 miles away everything is not only tolerated but applauded. Not that the right has its hands clean either. There are droves of fast buck seekers willing to do business with anybody regardless of abuses. Politicians of both parties have joined in happily in this see nothing, say nothing, do business at any cost charade. Lately we have seen the spectacle of Mr. Rangel (Ways and Means Chairman) pressing for worker rights in the newly signed trade deals with Colombia, Peru and Ecuador. Nothing wrong with that, except that the worst offender, in violating the ILO conventions of which it is a signatory, is Cuba. In particular convention 95 which forbids putting a third company or person between the employee and the employer to avoid siphoning of wages. This the Cuba government does in spades, collecting in dollars from hotel and other investors and paying the Cuban worker in pesos at 5% of the dollar rate. Rangel however, is effusive in his praise of the Castro regime showing a most cynical double standard while staying in Cuban hotels where workers are subject to this infamous  practice. For more on the latter subject: THE NULLITY OF THE FOREIGN INVESTMENT CONTRACTS. Alberto Luzarraga. .

Mr. Valladares, former U.S. ambassador to the U.N. Commission on Human Rights, is chairman of the New York-based Human Rights Foundation and author of "Against All Hope: A Memoir of Life in Castro's Gulag"

Che, Cuba and Christmas. Mary A O'Grady WSJ Dec 22 06.

Guevara's 'exploits' as a serial killer are as well documented as ignored by the 'regressives.' Their proper name, as progressives they are not although they like to identify themselves by such meaningless labels. One has to regress into Stalinist thinking to ignore killing  machines simply because the politics are to ones' liking. Mary O'Grady explains how in  the face of Che inspired persecution Cuba's Christians hold on to their faith.


Che Guevara: The Killing Machine. AlvaroVargas Llosa


Cuba After Castro. Stratford.com

Stratford.com. For once somebody focuses on geopolitics and strategic importance. Most of the so called pundits that attempt to write about Cuba's have a woeful ignorance its history and the strategic issues involved.  This publication focuses on the right issues for the U.S. but it does not consider Cuba's asymmetric war possibilities which are real to and saleable to adversary. Improbable?  Yes, but possible, albeit very risky for the new class of functionaries

The Bulgarian Treatment Carlos Alberto Montaner

Cuba's Adversary Foreign Intelligence. Manuel Cereijo. Hard facts about Cuba's cyber and asymmetric war capabilities. As usual these facts are ignored or disbelieved. 

In my opinion Fidel Castro has yet to face Justice. Bonnie Anderson Miami Herald.

A former CNN exceutive tells it like it is and reflects on the execution of her father.

Letter to the Publisher of the Miami Herald  Details on how the newspaper was infiltrated by Cuban Security. Based on FBI debriefing of Cuban defectior currently on witness protection program. Perez-Mendez-debriefing.pdf

As events take place in Cuba after Castro's death  we will be bombarded by the usual suspects i.e. the ideological left, and the make a buck at any price right, with the usual litany: Let's lift the embargo in exchange for NOTHING. As a calling card to the powers that will represent the same thing but without Castro, one could not imagine a better one. It is not hard to think of the inevitable result: another con game this time with different actors and more 'PROFIT ORIENTED' The infiltration schemes detailed in this and the following article should be sent to senators and congressmen. Do it now!

Ana Belen Montes: The chronicle of an American Spy for the Cuban Government. Manuel Cereijo

This took place for 16 long years before she was discovered. Montes was a high official at the DIA and was picked up after 9/11 as by then she was considered too big a risk. The FBI only had proof after May 25/01 when they entered her apartment under court order and copied her computer's hard drive. The article has many details on how she worked.

This is no child's game. While sundry congressmen et. al. wasted their time traveling to Cuba countless times for 'studies' and 'contacts' while 'regaling' us with the usual pontifications and one liners that solve all problems, we were being had. One excerpt from communications from her Cuban masters is significant:

" What ***6 said during the meeting . . . was very interesting. Surely you remember well his plans and expectations when he was coming here. If I remember right, on that occasion, we told you how tremendously useful the information you gave us from the meetings with him resulted, and how we were waiting here for him with open arms."

Who this person might have been is open to speculation but judging from the expression "waiting here for him with open arms." and knowing the Cuban psyche, this means: we welcome the patsy.

The Montes case is a much graver breach of security than the Ames case. But it has been studiously dismissed by the left that does not want to see and excuses all. 

Guns and Butter: Cuba's Military Puts Business On Front Lines. Jose de Cordoba WSJ Nov 15/06.
Under Castro's Brother, Army Built Joint-Venture Empire;From Hotels to Dolphins.

This is old news for Cuban Americans but it finally has made the front page of a major newspaper. For the American reader the conclusion is obvious; Cuba is really NOT  a communist state but a fascist oligharqy in communist disguise. A system, not only inherently immoral but dangerous. The article finishes thus: "Another problem sign is what Ricardo Pascoe, a former Mexican ambassador in Havana, calls the rise of the "juniors" -- the sons of high-ranking military officers who often live abroad and enjoy privileges undreamed of by ordinary Cubans. During his time in Havana from 2001 to 2003, Mr. Pascoe says, many Mexican businessmen complained to him that the "juniors" charged commissions for contracts through their fathers. Mr. Mora of the National Defense University believes that if unchecked the "juniors" could become the kernel of semi criminal mafias that could dominate much of the economy if Cuba liberalizes its economy. Instead of China becoming the model for Cuba, he says, Raúl Castro could inadvertently turn Cuba into a Caribbean version of oligarchic, post-Communist Russia."

OfficeMax Thwarts Families. Kin of Two Castro American Born casualties Sought Justice for Years. A Court's Award in Limbo. WSJ

Facts about  judicial proceedings in reference to  Howard Anderson and Thomas "Pete" Ray executions by Castroism. Mr. Ray, a contractor for the CIA, was captured alive after his plane was downed and executed by a shot in the temple. Then the Castro government proceeded to show his frozen cadaver as a war trophy to visiting 'dignitaries' throughout decades. Gives only a slight an idea of Marxist morals and cruelty. Think of what they do to live persons. Make a  mental notation when you hear the regime extolled for its 'virtues' by the American socialist left.

Cuba to get credit worth 350 million from Russia. The two countries also signed a military cooperation agreement.

Back in business!

The Tyrant is Dying no Conga Lines Please. Carlos Eire. Incredible account of anti Cuban  prejudice directed against this noted author and Yale professor

Fidel Castro's Impersonators. WSJ José de Córdoba. Humor is the best weapon to combat  absurd 'mythical' figures. Gifted impersonators with perfect voice imitations  call  from Miami and get Cuban bureaucrats to accept instructions from " El Maximo Desastre." Some of the accepted instructions are a riot. Read, enjoy and then reflect on what it means for the cause of liberty and common sense when a country is run by unconditional apparatchiks.

No Tears for Fidel, Please. George Weigel.

Fidel Castro: Historians Have Absolved Him. Humberto Fontova.

Excellent synopsis of the superficiality, bordering on frivolity, with which the Cuban tragedy has been approached by people that should know better. They have one problem. Instead of doing serious research they parrot slogans or exhibit their own prejudices which of course preclude any effort at serious research.

Link to: Video of Chavez and Ahmadinejad. Must be seen if you think that the Chavez, Castro Iran axis is not a threat. Underestimating the enemy is a great error.

What Castro and Ceausescu have in common. Martin Lessenthin. International Society for Human Rights Germany Spokesman of the Board.

Who Is Raul Castro? Ion Mihai Pacepa NRO 8/10/06

Lieutenant General Ion Mihai Pacepa is the highest-ranking official ever to have defected from the former Soviet bloc.
The CIA  described his cooperation as "an important and unique contribution  to the United States."

 On Christmas Day of 1989, Ceausescu and his wife were sentenced to death at the end of a trial where most of the accusations had come almost word-for-word out of Pacepa's book Red Horizons.

Longtime Cuban Dissident Accuses Castro of Treason. N. Y. SUN

Hilda Molina was once a celebrated member of the Cuban elite. The neurosurgery unit that she created received regular visits from Fidel Castro, who was proud that his health service was capable of such advanced medicine. The dream for Dr. Molina died when the unit she founded, the country's first, was told to give priority to paying patients from abroad. Before long, it became a facility available only to the elite. The poor disappeared.

Now Dr. Molina sits in her home in Havana hoping that one day she will be reunited with her son, Roberto. She is an outcast now, a dissident enduring the constant attentions of the Cuban security service. But that does not stop her from speaking her mind, and not in the whisper preferred by most Cubans when speaking of Mr. Castro and the succession. She searches in an English-Spanish dictionary for the right word. "Treason," she says. "Fidel committed treason to the revolution. He promised liberty and equality 47 years ago. And look now. This is a sick society."

WHO IS RAUL CASTRO. The man that supposedly will 'evolve.' That is according to those that wish a continuity for ideological or money reasons.

No Tears for Fidel. George Weigel L.A. Times.

US Reporter Attacked by Castro Goons in Venezuela. Humberto Fontova.


Castro cuts water and electricity at US. Havana Interest Section.

Press Statement by Drew G. Blakeney, Spokesperson,
United States Interests Section, Havana, Cuba,
June 12, 2006

The Cuban people, especially human rights and pro-democracy activists, continue to suffer much more severe harassment on a daily basis than does the United States Interests Section (USINT) in Havana.  The regime's increasing resort to bullying tactics in dealing with USINT and the Cuban people comes as no surprise:  It has long sought to isolate and harass the Interests Section. 

The regime's latest harassment includes the refusal to allow USINT to import vehicles; prevention of USINT hiring of Cuban personnel to work in maintenance, construction, or in any other capacity; intrusions into diplomats' homes; and failure to grant the majority of official U.S. government visa requests for personnel being assigned to work at USINT.  Work at USINT continues uninterrupted, including the interviewing of visa and political asylum candidates, and direct outreach to the Cuban people.  Normal procedures continue to apply to the treatment of classified materials at USINT.      

On Monday, June 5, at approximately 3 a.m., electricity to the main building of the United States Interests Section (USINT) in Havana, Cuba was cut off.  It appears that the USINT building was the only building in the neighborhood that was so cut off.  Requests to the Cuban government to restore power have gone unanswered, and USINT continues to operate on generator power.  The municipal supply of water to the USINT main building was turned off from February 22 to March 26, 2006, and water supply to the Refugee Annex has literally been a trickle for most of this year, although the flow increased recently.  The water supply continues to be capricious, and the flow to the main building again stopped last week for three days. 

THE COMANDANTE'S RESERVES. "Forbes' estimate of Castro's fortune may very well fall short of the reality."Cuba Monthly Economic Report
Special Issue.

U.S.Cuba Policy; Will we get it right this time? By Alberto Luzarraga

The latest proof of what the article highlights. French and Spanish police seize three tonnes of cocaine from boat that sailed from Cuba. 7 September 2005 PARIS

Andy Garcia Tells His Cuba Story, At Last. Peter Davidson News Max

Movie Critics Aghast at Andy Garcia. Humberto Fontova

Cuban Agent Speaks Out. Focus on Cuba.

Many Americass think Cuba is a small country that cannot harm the U.S In today's world they should think twice.


Diplomacy in Cuba:Toothless Compassion.  By: Daniel Kaiser, 24. 04. 2006

It is only fair to say that notwithstanding these fair criticisms of the present prime minister the Czech Republic has by far, been the best of the European countries in denouncing the Castro regime.

Harvard "sage' (professor at Georgetown) says Cubans  are:  'A Truly Repellent Minority' Humberto Fontova. News Max.

It is to be presumed that the 'sage' will be 'most repelled' by Mr Fontova's article and 'incensed' by the preceding pieces. Truly lamentable.......encephalic mass turning into guacamole....what a loss......


A Dynamic Solution to Prior Claims in Order to Solve Cuba's Housing Problem. Alberto Luzárraga.

A Cuban Doctor Pays A High Price for Truth. WSJ Mary A. O'Grady

Living proof of the big lie: Castro's vaunted 'health' system which only provides health for the government elite and medical tourists that pay in dollars.

Congressmen Grill Swiss Bankers Over Ties to Bin Laden. NY SUN March 30

Castro buys new presidential jet. BBC . We are equal you know,....some a bit more though

Cuba Not So Libre With the Net.

Farrakhan in Cuba calls for regime change in the U.S.

Well, he has been preceded by a long list of U.S. congressmen and senators that did not ask for this but that; a) remain silent as to Castro's depredations or b) praise him: Serrano, Rangel et al. or c) shamelessly pander to Castro for orders of agricultural products which he pays for in good part with his illicit gains emerging from his collaboration with drug lords that export to the U.S. These actions are plain and simply inexcusable and as bad as Farrakhan's

UBS accused of laundering Cuban money; Federal Reserve Fines UBS $100 million.

CUBA: THE THREAT. Manuel Cereijo, Professor FIU. La Nueva Cuba.

A well documented recap of Castro's  biological weapons activities. These are facts that have been ignored, or downplayed, or from time to time ridiculed. The latter is usually done with attacks 'ad hominem' against the Cuban-American community and scant refutation. No matter, we are used to it. But stubborn facts remain. We were right when we denounced the presence of missiles in Cuba long before our spooks found out or believed us because Russia 'rationally' could not do a silly thing like that. "Why, they are chess players not suicide bent maniacs." We were right when we predicted the Castro Chavez alliance would spell trouble and when we said that Castro and Co. behavior cannot be 'changed' by commerce or money. The increasing brashness of Castro's behavior and that of his disciple Chavez presents much to worry about. It indicates a cocky assurance that 'we can't be messed around with'. The invitation to Iran's nut case to visit Havana (accepted and confirmed) for September may well open a new chapter. Castro is not going away quietly. Scroll down to the end of the page and under Bioterrorism and Espionage you will find more articles on this topic



Cuban 'egalitarians' hold loot at capitalist banks. Kenneth Rijock. Financial Crime Consultant. What else?  47 years of absolute power 40 billion in unpaid debt.  A good chunk of money stuck to somebodys fingers

Telegraph News Chavez prepares his people's army to confront US

Elian before and after.

Our comment: He was being 'exploited' by his relatives in the U.S we were told by the talking heads. Now, who is exploiting him? Whose poster boy is he? He shares his misfortune with countless others. Elian is only the famous one. But that is irrelevant to the talking heads.

Left: Elian Gonzalez in communist 'pioneer' uniform Right: Elian is now used as Castro's poster boy and makes speeches. Where is the press that lambasted free Cubans for fighting to preserve this childs identity and his right not to be brainwashed?  'Papa' is now a Cuban 'Congressman.' His reward for selling his son. You will not see this acknowledged by the cynics that do their ideological damage and run to the next story.



PhotoLink: http://therealcuba.com/eliancastro.jpg;







Source for all photos and additional ones:Elian Gonzalez.therealcuba.com/ 'Elian Gonzalez: Who told the truth and who lied?'

Corporate Collaborators WSJ Carlos A. Montaner.

Narrates the cynicism of corporate investors that mock all labor laws and invest in joint ventures with dictatorships. Castro-fascism is now in vogue in the hemisphere although the usual suspects in the press refuse to treat this topic. It goes against their beliefs and facts cannot stand in the way. More on this subject: THE NULLITY OF THE FOREIGN INVESTMENT CONTRACTS. Alberto Luzarraga

Organised crime gangs pose threat to Cuban development.Jane's Intelligence Review

A good sample of much that passes for 'sophisticated' analysis. The article simply shows fear of the unknown and posits the worst scenarios. It is a thinly veiled apologia for the emergence of a more cooperative dictatorship. The proximity to the U.S. and the constructive possibilities offered by  a Cuban American community that is aware, close by, well educated, represented by 5 congressmen and 2 senators, and well capitalized are ignored. Cuba is not a remote country nor is it destined to suffer more in order to placate fears. There are alternatives. In fact the most dangerous scenario for the U.S. is to fatalistically encourage the formation of a kleptocracy. Under this system Cuba may not turn into Haiti as the author speculates but into a much more sophisticated and astute regime, one fully capable of presenting two faces, ( including a pseudo democracy) and do it quite skillfully. Haitians have not made fools of U.S. intelligence for decades. The following is the latest major sample. WSJ. How a Cuban Spy Sowed Confusion in The Pentagon.  That peril is the main point to be considered, and not to paint in black colors the inevitable and necessary struggle to install a democracy which is the SOLE guarantee of stability. The emergence of a military dictatorship would be a guarantee that the organized gangs already associated with the government would have a free rein since the revolutionary 'make up' would disappear and all that would remain is the desire to finance continuity at any price. Links: U.S.Cuba Policy; Will we get it right this time?

Che: Revolutionary movie star, killing machine.San Francisco Chronicle. IF YOU HAVE DOUBTS ABOUT WHO THIS 'HERO' REALLY IS READ ON

Florida Professor, Wife Spied for Cuba For Decades, an Indictment Alleges

Cuba Paid Oswald to Kill Kennedy.Reuters Jan 4 06.

New facts revealed by retired FBI agent and Cuban defector. The truth will inevitably come out shortly after Castro's death or perhaps shortly before, if his hold on power deteriorates and somebody wants to gain a better position in the also inevitable fight for power. The timing for the revlations is to say the least 'peculiar.'

Counting Castro's Victims. W.S.J Mary A.O'Grady.  A topic that is constantly sidelined by the Castro lovers. Facts are  facts.

An Icon of Evil.  William Meyers New York Sun.

Commentary on Che Guevara's cruelty as an executioner and the icon mania regarding his image. Most are not aware as to what they adhere to when they choose an assassin for a symbol.

Ladies in White. Mary A. O'Grady WSJ 

Cubans are grateful to Ms O" Grady for her constant and brave writing about the ills that burden our homeland. The saga of these brave women, wives of jailed dissidents, is inspiring and should inform those who do not know of conditions in Cuba and shame those politicians that want to give Castro all he wants in exchange for nothing. Liberty is the value, not winter junkets to a warm climate or commercial sales for your campaign contributors.

The two Cubas. The Real Cuba.com.

See by yourself the social diferences created by  tourism apartheid. Cubans are not allowed in these places even if they pay with dollars. Sent of course by relatives wanting to pay for a half decent meal.

Partial List of U.S. Citizens Killed by Castro.

Cuba Confiscates Land Where Dissidents Met By VANESSA HARRINGTON AP. Well what did you expect? A land grant by Mr.confiscation?


An Information Service of the Cuba Transition Project University of Miami.

Deteriorating Living Conditions Fuel Growing Unrest

Democracy Leaders Denounce E.U. Sympathy Toward Castro. N. Y. SUN

According to reports from London's Daily Telegraph,  Martha Beatriz Roque Cabello, issued harsh condemnations of France's Cuba policy from her home in Havana yesterday. The dissident, 59, was released on Saturday and is reported to be suffering from low blood pressure and other ailments as a result of her internment."The French are two-faced," Ms. Roque said in the Telegraph report. She was referring to the decision by the French ambassador to Cuba, Marie-France Pagnier, to invite dissidents to the embassy on July 13, the day before receiving Mr. Castro's foreign minister, Felipe Perez Roque. Mr. Perez Roque was invited to the embassy's Bastille Day celebration on July 14, from which leaders of the opposition were excluded. The demonstration that resulted in Friday's crackdown was a protest of, among other policies, the unilateral normalization of French relations with Mr. Castro's communist regime, according to reports out of Havana. "For a little money, they have made the Cuban people suffer.

Monster By Humberto Fontova FrontPageMagazine.

Facts and Statistics from UNESCO and other sources about Cuba before and after Castro. Compare and make up your mind about the socialist paradise that Castro has created.

Che Guevara: The Killing Machine. AlvaroVargas Llosa. The New Republic. Amust read for those who wish  to see the whitewash, that attempts to pass as a film, about this cold blooded and murderous man.


What_to_Do About Venezuela. By J. Michael Waller,  Center for Security Policy. Lots of valuable information but an incomplete conclusion. If Castro is the 'intellectual author' of the misdeeds and if Cuban intelligence controls the country, the title should be 'what to do about Castro and Venezuela." Typical of the last 40 years of non-policy.

WWW.THEREALCUBA.COM. Graphic proof of what goes on. No 'opinion' here. among others, clickon  the captions Health Services and The Embargo and judge for yourself.

Sergio Perodín Jr survivor from Castro's tugboat massacre graduates from Coral Gables high school.

Western businessmen bitter as Cuba closes doors by Marc Frank REUTERS Sign On San Diego May 31. Deal with gangsters and you get.....

THE HOMELAND BELONGS TO US ALL. Statement of Cuban dissidents that landed them in jail.

The Future of Cuban American Relations The Washington Times

WSJ. How a Cuban Spy Sowed Confusion in The Pentagon.

Global Politician. Developing Cuban Crisis.  Frederick Stakelbeck, Jr. 4/10/2005 .

Global Politician. Liberating Cuba from Communism. Ryan Mauro. Informative article about many facts that have been forgotten and others of actual interest re. Castro's activities in Venezuela.  Hugo Chavez- Castro's "Mini-Me"

Human-Rights Abuses in Cuba Must Stop, Says Amnesty International

2004 International Religious Freedom Report - Cuba


Captive of Castro by Sherrie Gossett. The truth about Elian works its way towards the light during a U.S. trial.

Center for a Free Cuba - Cuban Medicine Today

Health Care in Cuba: Myth Versus Reality

Capitalism Magazine: Bad Cuban Medicine by Larry Solomon

Cuban Prisoner of Conscience Transferred From Isolation Cell.

When Castro Falls for Good. Deseret Morning News.

Castro trips and falls. Literally. Figuratively, he has had Cuba in the same predicament for 45 long years.Video: Castro's fall

Focus on Cuba. Deteriorating Living Conditions.

And all in spite of Chavez selling Castro 53.000 oil barrels a day at bargain prices and 15 year terms at 2%. Add the tourism investments by the Europeans and 2  million tourist a year and ask yourself: What trickles down to the people?  Not much. In a totalitarian economy you are a serf. The lord and his guests eat the roast.

E.U. angered at expulsions of legislators by Cuban regime.

Havana Cuba Connection Ciudad de la Habana, Havana, Cuba. Castro advertises prostitution and sex tourism. See for yourself the disgusting hypocrisy of the 'savior of the people.'

U.S.Diplomat in Cuba  Builds replica of Cuban Jail Cell

CUBA_ Imprisoned physician isolated_

Elias Biscet is a physician and pacific opponent of the Castro regime and also a noted pro-life advocate. He is a prisoner of conscience supported by many Human Rights organizations.Freedom and human rights for Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet in Cuba. We are still waiting for Jesse Jackon, Al Sharpton, Congressman Rangel, the Black Caucus etc. to become interested. Guess he is not the right kind of black man. Besides, he cannot make 'political contributions.'

VIVA BISCET! Peter Kirsanow/January 22,04

E Vote Rigging in Venezuela?

When all is said and done one thing is clear: There is no worse blind man than he that does not want to see.

For Cubans a Bitter pill. National Post Isabel Vincent. Information on Cuba's vaunted but fake health system.

Castro's Delusions.The Washington Times

Commission on Cuba Report. Full text.

Country Report Cuba April 2004 The Economist Intelligence Unit

Dr. Biscet's Struggle. Miami Herald Editorial

Debating Cuba Policy. Matrin Olavsky.

Focus on Cuba-Castro's Venezuelan Bonanza.

Testimony on Cuba's Espionage, Terrorism and WMD activities. Under Secretary of State for Arms Control and International> Security John R. Bolton to the House International Relations Committee

Cuba Focus_ Cuban Foreign Policy in the Middle East.htm

The Admirable Origin of Elias Biscet's Movement: The Viability of the Cuban nation. By Alberto Luzarraga.

Elias Biscet is a physician and pacific opponent of the Castro regime and also a noted pro-life advocate. He is a prisoner of conscience supported by many Human Rights organizations.Freedom and human rights for Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet in Cuba.

National Review. Viva Biscet!


FROM CUBA: Message to the People of Cuba and the International Community.


CUBA_BOLTON_WARFARE I ( THE THREAT ) Manuel Cereijo. Revealing article full of facts about bio warfare capabilities. The debate in the Senate misses the point. The problem is Castro not Bolton. There are legitimate causes for concern.

 Backgound on the subject:

U.S. Efforts to Stop the Spread of Weapons of Mass Destruction. Speech by Bolton with comments on Cuba highlighted .

China and Cuba. Information Warfare. Manuel Cereijo.

CASTRO AND TERRORISM 1959-2001.The Institute for Cuban & Cuban-American Studies (ICCAS) is part of the School of International Studies at the University of Miami.


Selected Articles on the Ana Belen Montes espionage conviction[1].pdf

Navy college scholar lied about Cuba trip. A developing story, subject was high official (a department chairman) at Naval war college. The excuse about the girl friend that 'consoled' him is as pathetic as can be. Another Montes case?


Hwang Jang Yop the highest ranked North Korean defector said today before congress that there had been exchanges of weapons and information between Cuba and North Korea.

Dr David Kay on ABC News:  North Korean missiles going to Cuba.

UPI:Venezuelan defectors: Chavez shelters Al Qaida members


The author, a professor at FIU presents a well documented report to sustain the conclusions announced in the title.

Why is Castro so nervous? Is he hiding something?  Link to: Secretary Secretary Bolton's Lecture on Weapons of Mass Destruction.pdf Given at TheHeritage Foundation on 05/06/02.   Russian Expert on Cuba's Biological Weapons Program

Government spies are heroes in a George Orwell society. Reuters

Bolton. Irak Cuba Seek Materials Banned By Bio Weapons Pact. August 30/02

Secretary Secretary Bolton's Lecture on Weapons of Mass Destruction.pdf Given at TheHeritage Foundation on 05/06/02

Cuba Markets WMD Technology. La NuevaCuba June 12/02

Inspect Cuba for Production of Biological Weapons

US Claims Proof of Cuba'sGerm War Project .Julian Borger in Washington Thursday June 6, 2002 The Guardian  

The habitual naysayers, pooh poohed secretary Bolton's initial denunciation. They preferred to believe an aging tyrant than a US Undersecretary of State accountable to congress. Now we have another Undersecretary ,this one in charge of intelligence repeating the same. We suppose they will only be convinced "bug in hand". Too late then.

Cuba May Have Bio Warfare Program. AP 5/5/02

From the New York Times Oct 14 2002

Quote: "But a Nov. 16 letter to Mr. Mikoyan from Nikita S. Khrushchev, the Soviet leader, revealed Soviet impatience with the Cubans' rejection of inspections and their pledge to shoot down American spy planes. "Cuba, which now does not even want to consult with us, wants to practically drag us behind it by a leash, and wants to pull us into a war with the Americans by its actions," Mr. Khrushchev wrote. "We cannot and will not agree to this

U.S. Efforts to Stop the Spread of Weapons of Mass Destruction. Sec. Bolton. Testimony before the House International Relations Committee
Washington, DC
June 4, 2003.

"Although Cuba has ratified the BWC, we believe it has at least a limited, developmental offensive biological warfare research-and-development effort. Cuba has provided dual-use biotechnology to rogue states, which could support their BW programs. Furthermore, the biotechnology industry is a top national priority and is characterized by dual-use, sophisticated equipment, modern facilities, generous funding, and highly trained personnel."

Army Will Simulate Bio/Chemical Attack Off Key West. AP. Army Times April 12/02. Now, this may be routine or they know something we don't know.

Russian Expert on Cuba's Biological Weapons Program

Excerpt taken from: BIOHAZARD: The Chilling true story of the largest covert biological weapons program in the World by Ken Alibek (Random House, 2000). Pages 273-277.

Mr. Alibek is a former deputy director of Biopreparat, the Soviet Union’s biological weapons program. He defected to the United States and has testified before the Senate on several occasions. He now runs his own consulting service in Va.

Again, this is not opinion but a witness testifying about what he saw and heard. When this comment is related to the details provided by other sources, (see below) which follow and ratify what Alibek said, one can see that this is more than a passing comment about an event. It is a continuing problem.

Quote: "When Yuri Ovchinnikov died in 1987, I joined a group of Biopreparat scientists at his funeral services in Moscow. The conversation eventually turned to Cuba’s surprising achievements in genetic engineering. Someone mentioned that Cuban scientists had successfully altered strains of bacteria at a pharmaceutical facility just outside of Havana. "Where did such a poor country get all of that knowledge and equipment?" I asked. "From us, of course," he answered with a smile.

Mr Alibek has testified before the House  on the subject."A fourth type of proliferation occurs when the proliferating country sells equipment that can be used in biological weapons production. An example of this is the planned sale by Russia of large fermenters to Iraq after the Persian Gulf War. Similarly, in 1990, Biopreparat was negotiating the sale of equipment to Cuba."

For full testimony go to:

Statement of  Dr. Alibek at the US. House.

WHO WILL CHECK OUT FIDEL CASTRO'S NEW CHEMICAL/BIOLOGICAL WEAPONS PLANT IN EAST HAVANA? By Jonathan T. Stride. Mr. Stride brings up a logical point: why are we only concerned about the distant threat in Iraq when another one is so close?

NBC. Ike Seaman's Report: Cuba's Biological Weapon Industry Miami October 10. Another question on the same topic.  Mr. Seaman mentions Ken Alibek and his testimony.

Fidel Castro's Deadly Secret - Five BioChem Warfare Labs. By: Martin Arostegui.

Link to: SIGHTINGS.Insight Magazine (Washington Times) Vol 14, No 26 July 20, 1998 If you want details about who is doing what read this article.

WSJ. How a Cuban Spy Sowed Confusion in The Pentagon.

The author, Ms O' Grady hits the nail in the head. 

The Cuban-American community has been calling attention for decades to the unrepentant nature of Castro and his close cohorts who harbor a pathological hatred of the United States. However they are very good at mixing their hatred with playing the role of "genial and simpatico hosts." Remember 'Uncle' Joe Stalin with pipe and smile? It is in the nature of this ilk to be mimetic. They are usually aided and abetted by socialist groupies from the west, the dollar is my god businessmen, unscrupulous politicians and just plain old dupes. In spite of this spy's conviction, which makes obvious facts plain as water, Castro and his congressional and business cohorts are brazenly demanding the Big Prize: massive credit and tourism from the United States. Yes, Cuba got something for passing on state secrets but it pales next to the big prize which will be used in a controlled way ( it would not be open borders into Cuba ) to subvert US policies following the Marxist dictum: "they will sell us the rope with which to hang them." And such is the Main Role of the Montes kind of spy: keep them slumbering and then pick their pockets.US Expels Four Cuban Diplomats.

Castro Spy at DIA Pleads Guilty. A.P. 3/19/02.

Admits revealing names of four U.S. undercover agents. The degree of penetration at very high levels puts a lie to the often heard plea: "Cuba is just a little country with no offensive capabilities." Still, some U.S. Congressmen and Senators want to lend Castro (a notorious default artist) money at U.S. taxpayers expense. For more on this see the Economic section articles on Cuba's debt.


Hwang Jang Yop the highest ranked North Korean defector said today before congress that there had been exchanges of weapons and information between Cuba and North Korea.



Monster By Humberto Fontova FrontPageMagazine.

Facts and Statistics from UNESCO and other sources about Cuba before and after Castro. Compare and make up your mind about the socialist paradise that Castro has created.

Cuba's Foreign Debt. State Department Report

Cuba: Economic Summary. State Department Report

Cuba's Economy in the Doldrums.

Free Trade Won’t Free Cuba. New York Times Claudia Marquez  Linares


Brilliant article by the wife of a recently jailed peaceful dissident that tears to shreds the hypocritical 'piety' of several visiting US senators that simply meet with dissidents to 'fill in the blanks' while they wheel and deal, wine and dine with the despot. The obvious contempt that their actions deserve is clear from this polite, albeit pained denunciation of a contemptible conduct.


Food Security and Nutrition in Cuba.

Focus on Cuba.  WORKING CONDITIONS AND LABOR RIGHTS IN CUBA. Institute for Cuban and Cuban-American Studies University of Miami.

Index of Economic Freedom. Of 156 Cuba  countries155, Corea del Norte 156.

WSJ.com - Liberty = Prosperity.

Forbes: On Castro's Net Worth.

Should American Taxpayers Subsidize Fidel Castro?

Cuba's Balance of Payments Gap. Drug Trafficking and Money Laundering.By: Ernesto F. Betancourt

CIA - The World Factbook 2002 -- Cuba

Cuba Handbook of Trade Statistics, 2000


Composition of Trade1994-99.pdf

Commodity Exports by Country of Destination 94-99.pdf

Commodity Imports by Country of Origin 94-99.pdf

Exports by Country of Destination 94-99.pdf

Imports by Country of origin 94-99.pdf

Quantity Nickel Exports by Region of Destination 94-99.pdf

Quantity Sugar Exports by Country of Destination 94-99.pdf

Cuba in Transition ASCE 6th Annual Meeting at FIU, 1996.Cuba's Hard Currency Debt By Gabriel Fernandez

CUBAN HARD CURRENCY DEBT: Commentary on Gabriel Fernandez paper. ASCE 1996 By Alberto Luzarraga.

03/02. Updated comment by the author: The paper on which we commented at the time  is more than five years old but it presents a very useful analysis of Cuba's debt. From a market standpoint, what is it worth? It was not worth much in 1996. Today there is no market. Thus the debt restructurings going on with several countries. They are needed in order to present some kind of an obligation supported by a document albeit it may simply be a piece of worthless paper.  There will be no market until Cuba has debt capacity of some sort or the creditors see a ray of light. This is why the Cuban Government and the European and other creditors are so desperate to lift the embargo. For the latter it is a ticket to some sort of recovery of their assets lost due to imprudent credit extensions to a notorious default artist. The only solution is a conversion of debt into equity which is what the Mexicans are probably trying to do again. This is what the vaguely worded news item of Notimex that follows really means. Difficult choice. They have to become partners with those who offer "deals you can't refuse". Of course there is another "solution" i.e. have the American taxpayer foot the bill through credits to buy American goods that will not be paid, will be converted into cash and stolen (easy to do through third parties) and used to enrich the nomenklatura and apply some proceeds to pay their creditors. It is well known that some creditors are not too happy to see Castro use cash to pay for American products but they are "understanding", it is only the bait and maybe the "yankees" will take it.


Guardian Unlimited | Special reports | Castro as Hitler on Cuban front page sparks hunt for mystery satirist.

A Victim of Castro's Tyranny Tells His Story. MaryA. O'Grady

WSJ. We are grateful to Ms. O'Grady and the WSJ for her article about Carlos Eire author of 'Waiting for Snow in Havana.' He is now the T. Lawrason Riggs Professor of History and Religious Studies at Yale University. The book won the National Book Award. Mr. Eire, who came to the US at eleven years of age with his brother then fourteen, under the Peter Pan program, reminisces about how painful it was for the family to separate. But he tells us it was worth it because he could think. He was inspired to write the story by the Elian Gonzalez saga.

The following article that talks to the indifference about the Cuban problem really dovetails with this one. During the Elian Gonzalez saga we constantly watched people brought up in a society where liberty is the norm, show their ignorance about how a totalitarian society functions. How easy it was to pontificate by so called pundits, and how easily many well meaning people were misled. It is only now, after Iraq, that the workings of the totalitarian mind are reported and its effects are exposed.

This is why people of good will must understand that Cuban Americans reject subsidies to Castro, for good and valid reasons of principle and compassion for their own people. They do not want to see the agony prolonged. The unscrupulous US businessmen that care not a whit about anything but their profit, are short sighted for two reasons. They do business with a dinosaur destined to extinction and their wining and dining of Castro leaves bad memories. There are many gifted Cuban-Americans  that know what is going on and remember.WSJ.com - A Victim of Castro's Tyranny Tells His Story

Cuban Regime Interrupts Rosary Campaign.


Mr. Solomon has the honesty to write what anybody can see if they wish to simply look around .

CUBA'S CRUEL JOKE. NATIONAL POST. 1/11 03. Lawrence Solomon

Responses to 'Cuba's cruel joke'

BAD CUBAN MEDICINE National Post 1/18/03 Lawrence Solomon

FIDEL BATISTA! National Post 1/25/03. Lawrence Solomon

Why Havana Had to Die by Theodore Dalrymple.


Cuban farmer's son wins World Food Prize. Miami Herald Mon, Aug. 12, 2002.

"DES MOINES - (AP). A Cuban farmer's son whose hopes of improving the family farm were dashed during Fidel Castro's rise to power has won the 2002 World Food Prize for developing methods to feed millions of starving people."

There is no reason for Cuba to import most of its food. It is blessed with a fertile soil. According to professor Levi Marrero 90% of Cuba's soil has agricultural value as most of it is either flat or consists of soft rolling hills. Of these, 60% are first class soils as opposed to Mexico that only has 12% of its soils classified as first class. Thus, although Mexico is 17.2 times the size of Cuba  ( 1.972 M sq Klm vs. 114 M) optimum  agricultural soil is only 3.5 times that of Cuba for a population is 10 times larger. And then Cuba receives 1370 mm of annual precipitation evenly distributed. Talented Cubans such as the recipient of the award that had to leave the island due to confiscation of his farm would have known how to put this wealth to work. Link to more facts: La Riqueza Intrínseca de Cuba

The Real Che Guevara. Humberto Fontova.

Medical Journal Exposes Cuba's Failed Doctor Diplomacy. Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, Inc. So much for the vaunted medical advances.

Art Lost: Cuban Artistic Patrimony and its Restitution: Cuban Artistic Patrimony and its Restitution. By Alberto S. Bustamante

Quote: "In October 1996 a group of members of Cuban National Heritage traveled through Eastern Europe. "All over Eastern Europe we saw the restoration of its heritage.  We thought of the national tragedy of Cuba, where the artistic patrimony has been disposed of, not by an invading country but, sadly, by our own people abiding by the totalitarian dictates of the system. Reclaiming Art Caught in The Cuban Revolution. Celestine Bohlen NYT 06/06/02. Nothing new here. It has been going on for a long time as Mr. Bustamante explains in the preceding article. Warehouses were filled with art that went first to the mansions of the new class. Lately they have been cashing in, perhaps in anticipation of Castro's demise. The article mentions works left behind with friends that found their way out. This is true in small amount of cases. Most friends had to leave and the contents of their home were also confiscated. But it makes for handy excuse for the professional "fences" that t have exploited this dirty business  for years.                                                              


Cuba: The State of Political Prisoners. State Department Report

Liberty Beat Castro's Black Prisoner. Nat Hentoff VillageVoice.

Congressman Rangel is too selective or perhaps does not want to see.

United States Envoy Denounces Castro. Defends advocacy of dissidentsJuly 7/05

James Cason, who is leaving his post as head of the U.S. Interests Section in Havana, said he had gone to Cuba with the "illusion” that he could engage the government. "My initial dealings with the Cuban regime quickly brought home to me that in Cuba, appearances are fundamentally deceiving,” said Cason, who has been attacked by Havana for supporting dissidents. "If you go more than three blocks behind the main tourist thoroughfares, you will see the shabbiness and decay of the real Cuba.”

He also said that one of his frustrations was his inability to get some foreign visitors to see that the Cuban government "is a cynical, ruthless totalitarian system."Could it be a provocation to point out that Cubans are living under one of the most repressive regimes in the world?” "If we thought that keeping quiet would bring about political reforms, we would be quiet," Cason said Monday. "If we thought that lifting the U.S. embargo would result in a democratic Cuba, we would have 747s full of Americans on the tarmac tomorrow


The Amazing Story of the Czechs and the Cubans_ Jay Nordlinger.

Cubans told to shun foreigners By Stephen Gibbs BBC News

CUBA_ Letter_ Wife of Dr_ Biscet_ prisoner of conscience.htm

Ray Bradbury condemns Cuban book burning. Castro so orders.  like in the dark ages but what is totalitarianism except that?

Editorial Washington Post. U.N. panel has reason to condemn Cuba.

FREEDOM HOUSE_U.N. must condemn Cuba for beating of Human Rights activist after Cuba loses vote on Human Rights Commission.

World Medical Association Pleads for Imprisoned Doctors and Dentists in Cuba. Grave Concern for Dr  Elias Biscets'  (noted dissident) Health

Mother of recently shot prisoner Lorenzo Enriquez Where are you Black Caucus?

Devastating esposé of jail conditions by Cuban political prisoner  Héctor Palacios Ruiz. Scroll for English translation of original in Spanish.

A.P. Alcida Avila (C) is comforted by friends and family members as she demands a trial for her imprisoned son, Leonardo Bruzon, at a local hospital in Havana, April 7, 2004. Bruzon, president of the minor opposition group 'February 24,' was detained February 22, 2002 and has been awaiting trial since then. The United Nations top human rights body voted narrowly on April 15 to rebuke Cuba over its rights record.

THE CELL By Iliana Curra* Former Cuban political prisoner. La Nueva Cuba.

04-02-2004 CUBA'S GULAG from The Economist, London, UK.htm

Armando Valladares, former U.S. Ambassador: Human Rights Hero

TWO ROADS. By: Elias Biscet. Black Cuban activist writes from his prison cell on the future of Cuba.

"To the leaders of the democratic nations of the world, to the American people, and, in particular, to the President of the United States of America, mister George W. Bush, we only ask a simple request: DO NOT SUPPORT OR PROMOTE ANY SOLUTION OR AGREEMENT WITH RESPECT TO THE CUBAN NATION THAT YOU WOULD NOT FIND ACCEPTABLE FOR YOUR OWN NATION.

May God illuminate our path to Cuba’s liberty.

Link to List of Firing Squad Victims Since 1959. Go to site and at right hand click on: "Relación de Cubanos Fusilados,asesinados desde 1959."( list of Cubans shot and or assassinated since 1959.)

According to the Black Book of Communism*: "between 1959 and the late 90s more than 100,000 Cubans experienced life in one of the camps, prisons, or open regime sites . Between 15,000 and 17,000 people were shot."

* The Black Book of Communism.  Harvard University Press 1999  page 664. The French original translated by Jonathan Murphy and Frank Kramer. Tony Judt of the New York Times had this to say in a review:  " An 800 page compendium of the crimes of Communist regimes worldwide, recorded in ghastly detail by a team of scholars, The facts and figures...are irrefutable.'

The estimate does not include the persons that  have disappeared, the casualties resulting from Castro's military adventures in Africa, and the death toll of those drowned in the gulf trying to escape or sunk by the border guards while trying to do so . The African casualties are estimated at 10,000,and the other death tolls at more than 50,000. Propaganda notwithstanding there is not doubt Castro has led the bloodiest tyranny that has ever soiled the face of the Americas.

The list shown on the link is only a partial list prepared on the basis of proof submitted by the near kin.
Although in Spanish, it will convey to the English reader another aspect of the Cuban revolution, beyond the regime's propaganda or the frivolity of the pleasure seeking visitors, not to mention the cynicism of the "profit at any cost" crowd.   

The Miami Herald. Editorial. CUBA'S PRISONS: A DEVIL'S ISLAND.

Germany protests after Cuba blocks rights visit.

Cold War Heroes Take on Castro. Daily Telegraph. London

English text  and Spanish translation of the part pertaining to Cuba: Khrushchev Unplugged From the Middle East to Cuba NY Times 9/14/03.

If you want to know why Castro has lasted so long read this transcript of Khrushchevs' statements at the Soviet Presidium just released by the Russian government. It sheds a lot of light on the missile crisis and the guarantee that the Soviet Union demanded of the United states re Castro.

Arabic News.com Tribune de Geneve: Swiss daily denounces deportation of Sahrawi kids (10,000 ) to Cuba by Polisario.

Many more children from other countries have suffered the same fate; brainwashing at a tender age, disguised as 'solidarity.' The apologists of the return of Elian to Cuba to don't care about these things. They live for the moment and the sound bites that feed their propaganda. The rest is unimportant, they are too busy working on the next sound bite.

Castro Human Rights and Latin Antiamericanism Front Page Magazine

We have commented in these pages in similar fashion. The attitude that the author defines as immature seems to us that and more. It is opportunistically immature the product of a political class that is hopelessly outmoded in its thinking. They are political midgets by choice.

Cuba's Economy in the Doldrums.

Phony phone call dupes Castro, sparks a tirade. Washington Times. Tom Carter Castro falls for  fake 'Chavez' call.

The notable thing is how easy it was to penetrate Castro's security and office watchdogs. They are not very bright. And for that matter the 'maximum leader' did not come off as a genius either. He was so elated that his disciple Chavez called for advice that he fell for a  phony story about finding a missing suitcase with 'sensitive' documents.

All of which goes to show the true nature of these regimes. They are only based on deception, fear and the exploitation of the basest instincts of humankind: hate, larceny, bloodshed. There is very little genuine intelligence, the kind that builds beautiful and lasting achievements. Perhaps Messrs. Spielberg, Stone et. al. that claim they spent priceless hours with this second rate actor will reflect on the true nature of their hero: a vulgar tyrant posing as an 'intellectual.' But then, Hollywood is full of people with limited intellects posing as intellectuals, so perhaps they felt at home.

Team arrives at nuclear plant to hunt for plutonium.

This had been denied repeatedly. Let us hope that Castro's denials about WMD are true. Because otherwise they are too close for comfort. Link to:


State Department Human Rights Report on Cuba. 2002

U.S. Issues Scathing Report of Cuba's Human Rights Record

Forced labour in Cuba and free trade.Brookes News Com. March 31/03.

The Russian Strain. Robert Goldberg WSJ March 26/03.

Revealing article about the origin of Irak's bio weapons. It is the same as Cuba's. Link to: Bolton. Irak Cuba Seek Materials Banned By Bio Weapons Pact; Russian Expert on Cuba's Biological Weapons Program

Axis of Evil Acts Up. Human Events.

Internal workings ofa marxist organization in the US now surfacing a a 'peace' movement. In both cases the organizers links to Castro's Cuba are noted.

Mangroves endangered. Echological Disaster. Reinaldo Cosano Alén.

Cuba Rejects UN Human Rights Monitor.Northern Light

Forbes: On Castro's Net Worth. See table.Click on the name for more data.

Hispanics Now Largest Minority, Census Shows.NYT 1/22/03.  

Hispanics Now Outnumber Blacks in U.S.

Census Shows Increase in Number of Hispanics Who Own Their Homes.

4/24/02. Cubans are the biggest home owning group.

Index of Economic Freedom.

Of 156 countries. Cuba 155, North Korea 156. But...some of our good congressmen and some of our socialist congressmen ( we have 56) want to give Cuba credit at US taxpayers expense.

List of Socialist U.S. Congressmen. Most of them are Castro supporters. Yes, there is ideology involved. Greed and vanity are also present.

Liberty = Prosperity. W.S.J. Mary A. O'Grady 11/12/02

An Open Letter to Steven Spielberg.

Amnesty International on Cuban prisoner

Text in Spanish and English



Socialized Medicine in Cuba 2002 (Parts I and II)

Most well meaning people that are misinformed about Cuba believe the Cuban government propaganda about medical care. First rate care is available only for medical tourism and the governmental elite. Not unlike what happened in the Soviet Union who trumpeted advanced care until the collapse of communism revealed the ugly truth.. The dozens of pharmacies, present in any Cuban American neighborhood in this country, that send medicines to Cuba  are a testimony to this fact. Nothing new, it has been going on for 40 years. There is no embargo on this humanitarian assistance rendered by US relatives of ailing Cubans. In any case Cuba could import the medicines from Europe Canada etc. but this would mean using resources for things that the government is not interested on. First priority as always in these regimes is the security and armed forces apparatus and of course their propaganda machine. For those able to read Spanish please visit the attached link where noted dissenters inside Cuba furnish a well researched analysis of what the situation really is. The article contains tables on public health , infant mortality et. al. plus comparisons with other countries both before and after Castro. A truly enlightening piece written by brave people facing daily persecution Link to: opinion9 ( Translation: The so called Advances)

Why Havana Had to Die by Theodore Dalrymple. City Journal Summer 2002.

Briliant article on Cuba's arquitectural gems  and why Castro has let them crumble.

Poll Indicates Americans Support Embargo

The Third Intervention Project: The Rule of Outrage By Alberto Luzarraga

Quote: " Scores of congressmen and businessmen visit, cater to, and fawn before the Cuban version of a decrepit godfather hoping to gain a portion of the loot for their supporters and/or companies. Their argument: the embargo did not work, we must try something else. Which really means: given that we could not reform the gang lets participate in the loot and sell them what they need.But wait, it gets worse. Castro is broke so in order to buy, he needs credit and of course the "smart" thing to do is to make the US government the creditor, to whom the sellers would sell thereby sticking it to the US. taxpayer. For contrast, again a bit of history. During the first US intervention the Foraker Law was passed prohibiting American companies to bid for government projects in order to avoid patronage and corruption. The Army meant business: the Postmaster General appointed by the military government was found to be stealing and was indicted, judged, declared guilty, swiftly cashiered, sent to the United States and punished. Those Americans had a high regard for the nation's honor.

Castro: Cuba is Communist Forever.

Well, so much for those who expect him to change.The narcissism of dictators is an occupational disease. They do not change . Trying to influence them with gifts a la congressman Flake is at best naive, and at worst.....you pick the adjective


About blind and incarcerated dissident. Jay Nordlinger National Revie

White House Wary of Cuba's Little Spy Engine That Could NYT 01/05/03. Highlights- Recent Cuban Spy Cases

To Jewish Leaders: Defend Your Cuban Brethren. Myles Kantor Font Page Magazine

CNN Megaphone for a Dictator

Why Cubans Don't Overthrow Castro. By Myles Kantor Front Page Magazine.

The author touches with deep perception a topic we have encountered throughout our life in The United States and travel to other free countries. But there always is another implied question that is not asked. Could it be that they like him? Inevitable question  for a person formed in a democratic society where disliked politicians are thrown out in elections. Yes they know Cuba is a totalitarian society but they do not understand what that means.  The system of tyranny has progressed much and the disappointments suffered by the best of the opposition are legion. The West in many instances has turned a blind eye and has allowed true heroes to die or rot in prison.


Desperation is the trade mark of these regimes. While Cubans prosper in freedom they despair in tyranny

I Sell Kids for Sex: By: Graham Johnson And Nyra Mahmood Sunday Mirror London January 6 2002.

We suppose that even Castro apologists cannot claim this as  one of the "successes of the Cuban revolution."Eleven year olds offered as prostitutes by a supposedly Iraqi national who turns out to really have a Jordanian passport. Does videos of young farm girls whom he invites to a seemingly innocent house party. The video becomes the sales pitch. The complicity of the regime is obvious . In this kind of totalitarian dictatorship nothing happens on a repetitive fashion without it being known and permitted. Do we need to insist that this is supposed to be a government that boasts of its "concern" for children?  The Mirror and its reporters have done a commendable job of exposing a revolting trade. 



State Department Human Rights Report on Cuba. 2002

Cuba: Economic Summary. State Department Report

Cuba: Espionage. State Department Report

Cuba: The State of Political Prisoners. State Department Report

U.S.-Cuba Policy. State Department Report

State Department Human Rights Report on Cuba. 2002

Famous Letter from Castro to Nikita Khruschev Advising Preemptive Nuclear Strike. LA NUEVA CUBA.

 For translation in English and follow link to George Washington University

LA NUEVA CUBA.Book Discloses Close Call With Soviet Submarine During Missile Crisis. Captain had ordered arming of nuclear torpedo.

The article describes chilling events in October 62. This is the same man Congressman Flake wants to lend money to



U.N Human Rights Commission Calls for Human Rights Inspections

Subject: Annual Report on Cuba of Reporters Without Frontiers

Quote: "The release of two journalists from prison in 2001 did not herald a softening of the government's attitude towards the media, which is subtly and effectively repressed so as to maintain the state's monopoly control of information. The activity of independent journalists and foreign press correspondents is closely monitored."

Meissner Ordered Evidence on Elian's Case Destroyed. Judicial Watch April 10/02.

Copy of Internal INS Memo on Elian with handwritten note on Meissner's order to destruct of emails.

This document appears to indicate that they knew the problem and decided to ignore the obvious. Meissner, clearly worried and aware, orders destruction of evidence of internal conversations that alluded to the issue and issues another order: no more written documents on conversations re. Elian. At the time we wrote extensively on the legal predicament that the INS had placed itself, taking at face value  the words of a person that lived in a totalitarian state.

Gorbachev: Communism was Pure Propaganda.

If you think Cuba is different..............we can put you in touch with a good shrink. How can anybody pretend that Castro after 43 years in the job engages in anything but....?


Latest developments. For full Menu Click on U.S. Policy

Commission for Assistance to a Free Cuba

U.S. Criticizes U.N. Call for End to Cuba Trade Embargo.

Transcript of President Bush remarks on Cuban Embargo.

U.S.-Cuba Policy. State Department Report

Cuba: The State of Political Prisoners. State Department Report

President's Statement on jailing of dissidents

Bush Denounces Castro on Cuban Independence Day. Washington Post.


Testimony By State Department Denouncing Cuba's Recent Repression of Dissidents.

J. Curtis Struble, Acting Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs

End the Repression in Cuba  Sec Powell April 10/03

James C. Cason Chief of Mission U.S. Interests Section, Havana, Cuba Presentation to the Cuba Transition Project University of Miami April 7, 2003.

State Department Human Rights Report on Cuba. 2002


PBolton. Irak Cuba Seek Materials Banned By Bio Weapons Pact

Secretary Secretary Bolton's Lecture on Weapons of Mass Destruction.pdf Given at TheHeritage Foundation on 05/06/02

US Senate Votes Unanimously to Support Cuban Dissident Demands. But then they vote to give Castro a give away.

President Bush Announces Initiative for a New Cuba.May 20/02 Link to State Department page

Quote: "The United States has no designs on Cuban sovereignty. It's not a part of our strategy, or a part of our vision. Today, I'm announcing an Initiative for a New Cuba that offers Cuba's government a way forward towards democracy and hope, and better relations with the United States. Opposition parties should have the freedom to organize, assemble, and speak, with equal access to all airwaves. All political prisoners must be released and allowed to participate in the election process. Human rights organizations should be free to visit Cuba to ensure that the conditions for free elections are being created. And the 2003 elections should be monitored by objective outside observers. These are the minimum steps necessary to make sure that next year's elections are the true expression of the will of the Cuban people. If Cuba's government takes all the necessary steps to ensure that the 2003 elections are certifiably free and fair -- certifiably free and fair -- and if Cuba also begins to adopt meaningful market-based reforms, then -- and only then -- I will work with the United States Congress to ease the ban on trade and travel between our two countries.

Rule of Law



Atlanta's Judicial Outrage.

"Man,  we bad!" If you are a Cuban you are automatically prejudiced Worse,you are so bad that you will prejudice a non Cuban jury. As the author says:

"Apparently, just having Cuban-Americans in the same community as  jurors infects them! By the way, Cuban-Americans only make up 1/4 of the  Community in which the trial was held. You really gotta hand it to us. We are  one influential bunch! It's starting to go to my head. We make up a minuscule  1/300 of the U.S. population, yet â?" from all I keep hearing and reading in the  Mainstream Media? We not only decide jury verdicts  through some form  of  telepathy, osmosis or bribery, we also control U.S. foreign policy with  a firm testicular grip. ( Editor note, we called and aagghhh responded the State department) "Cuba Policy isn't made in Washington,"  harrumphed Bill Press in a CNN column. "It's made in Miami by former Batista  supporters who think they can reverse history!""A small number of  powerful exiles in South Florida cow our politicians into keeping the crazy  Cuban policy!" snapped media baron Al Neuharth in USA Today column.

"Man,  we bad!" I finally started shouting, while strutting around like Gene Wilder and  Richard Pryor in the movie , Stir Crazy.

Iraqi Lessons: The Sanctity of Government Signed Contracts? By Alberto Luzarraga.

Recent action by the UN validates this articles thesis. For spanish version see:Lecciones de Irak: (I) La 'Santidad de los Contratos'

Castro May Face Trial for Shooting Down Exiles Planes


Cuba Is Told to Pay $67 Million to Family of Executed American. NYT April 19/03.

"I hope this ruling will help my dad rest in peace now that his death has been avenged in a U.S. court," Mr. Anderson's daughter, Bonnie Anderson, said. President Fidel Castro of Cuba and his government ignored the lawsuit, as they have done in similar cases, and were not represented in the Miami courtroom when the damage award was announced on Thursday. Mr. Anderson, 41, had lived and worked in Cuba for years when he was charged with conspiracy during the failed Bay of Pigs invasion. He was sentenced to death, and an appeal was quickly rejected. He was one of nine people executed in a two-day period.


Text of Castro's 'judicial decisions'. Link: Rule of Law in Cuba.

Observe how in  Ferry Hijackers, Document #1, the accussed are 'charged' with the crime of 'conceiving the intention'  to abandon illegally the Cuban territory. That is, attempting to do what the Declaration of Human Rights establishes: i.e. all persons.are free to enter or leave their country of origin. But in totalitarian societies any attempt to escape the 'big jail' is a crime. These accused did not harm anybody but they were 'judged' convicted and executed in one week.

Cuba Sued in U.S. Over Firing Squad Execution.

The family of an American killed by a Cuban firing squad in 1961 filed a wrongful-death lawsuit in hopes of winning financial damages under a 5-year-old federal law. ``I'm angry,'' Bonnie Anderson said in announcing the lawsuit Friday with her mother, sister and two brothers. ``We're all older than he was when he was killed.'' The Andersons moved to Cuba in 1947, but most of the family left in 1960 after the Cuban revolution. At the time, Howard Anderson stayed behind to run the family's service stations. Another case that illustrates the nature of the regime and its lack of respect for anybody.

Castro Spy at DIA Pleads Guilty. A.P. 3/19/02.

Admits revealing names of four U.S. undercover agents. The degree of penetration at very high levels puts a lie to the often heard plea: "Cuba is just a little country with no offensive capabilities." Still, some U.S. Congressmen and Senators want to lend Castro (a notorious default artist) money at U.S. taxpayers expense. For more on this see the Economic section articles on Cuba's debt.

Cuban Spy Sentenced to Life.

This in is not "opinion' either. We shall see what final sentence the spy that has just plead guilty under a plea bargain scheme, finally gets. Apparently 25 years will be the minimum if she cooperates


Fugitives Sought by US Find a Protector in Castro's Cuba.




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